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The Fayette Middle Lunch Program provides a hot, nutritious breakfast and lunch daily.  Fresh fruits, salad, 100% juice/fruit and milk are offered each day with breakfast and lunch. Students must select at least 3 servings of their choice from the lunch line.

Parents may pay for their child's lunches daily, weekly, or monthly.  Please make all checks payable to Fayette County Child Nutrition Program and include child's lunch number on the check.  Students may not charge extra items - you must pay daily or take it out of your lunch account.  If you are to qualify for free/reduced lunch, you must pay for the lunches until you receive notification that you have been approved.  Parents will receive notifcation when your child's lunch account is low or delinquent.


School Lunch Program



Paid              1.00

Reduced           .30

Bd Employee     1.25

Visitors          2.25



Meats                 .50

Grains/Breads         .50

Meat/Biscuit          1.00

Breakfast Pizza       1.00

Cereal (Hot 1/2 cup) .50 

Cereal (Cold 1 ounce) .50

Fruit   (1/2 cup)      .50

Juice 10 ounce        1.00

Mild 8 ounce plastic    .75  

Water                  1.00                 



LUNCH (Including Milk)

Paid                 2.30

Reduced              .40

Bd. Employee       2.95

Visitor              3.50

Extra Sale Items

(per serving)

$1.25         Meat

$.50           Fruit/Vegetable

$. 50          Bread/Crackers

$.15           Condiments

.35/.50/1.00       4/6/10 ounce Juice

$.75           8 ounce plastic milk "chugs"

$1.00         Water (Flavored and Unflavored)

1.25           Yogart Parfaits

Student Full Price-$2.30 Reduced Price-$.40 Visitor Meals-$3.50 Board Employee-$2.95


Parents can "pre-pay" on their child's meal account this year (2016-2017) by creating an account on  Payments can be made using a debit or credit card. (Look for PayPams flyer in your student folder this year.)

Fayette Co. Child Nutrition Program is an equal opportunity provider.